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Monthly Archives: August 2015

The Cost Effective B&B – how to save money

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Our money saving expert has been investigating way for b&b owners to save money. We recently understook a study on the expense some B&B owners are going to, in order to keep their B&B’s clean. We discovered some surprises along the way and it can be a lot less expensive than you might imagine – if you shop in the right places and buy the right products.

It is a popular, and very common, misconception that the more you pay for a product, the better it will perform. Really!

As B&B owners, Rosie and Brian were tasked to find the best products but at the most cost effective price. The results were quite staggering.

Rosie commented “We’ve always taken a great deal of pride in our home and our business. Keeping it to the standard that we and our customers had come to expect was paramount in our daily and time consuming cleaning regime. We shopped at high street supermarkets and bought ‘branded’ products, as these were household names and thereby trusted by the us and the public. It never occurred to me, until we were asked to do this study, that I could keep my home and business to the same standard, shopping locally and buying not so well known brands. Thats all changed – I’ve saved a fortune and even more importantly, I’ve saved time too by switching”

So what products did we ask Rosie and Brian to test?

We sent them to their local high street and asked them firstly to scour the stores for the best prices on household cleaning products. Unsurprisingly, their local discount store came out head and shoulders above the rest, but what about the quality of the products.

Rosie found everything she needed in the discount store, from washing machine cleaner to reed diffusers, and all at a fraction of the cost she was currently paying in the supermarkets. The proof however would be in the results when she got back home.

After using the products for 4 weeks, Rosies recommendation is:

Elbow Grease All Purpose Degreaser 500ml and only £1 at the local discount store.

Rosie said “There was a huge cleaning selection in the store, products such as Duzzit and Astonish, which I hadn’t really heard of before and so I asked the assistant which would be a good all round cleaner for kitchens and bathrooms. Although the assistant assured me all these were excellent products, she pointed out that an excellent ‘all round’ cleaner would be Elbow Grease. The assistant backed this product up with a review which was given to her by another satisfied customer earlier that year.

She said ‘The customer had spilled chicken grease down a red skirt whilst entertaining one day. She took the skirt to the dry cleaners and was disappointed to be told, after a costly two cleans, that the grease stain wouldn’t come out. Hearing about the Elbow Grease, the customer felt she had nothing to lose, and took the skirt home and sprayed it on the grease and then washed it. The stain had completely disappeared and she wore the skirt into the cleaners to show them the results.’

All well and good but what about my kitchen and bathroom. With a little more confidence, I bagged the product and headed home. I was not disappointed. The product is amazing. It removes all grease quickly and effortlessely and leaves a refreshing lemony fragrance. My white goods came up beautifully and taps poilshed to a gleaming shine, not to mention that all important cooker and grill. These take a real bashing from the daily ‘Full English Breakfast’ but they were cleaned within minutes of spraying the Elbow Grease on”

Rosie discovered many more products too that are now saving her a small fortune.

When was the last time you shopped locally and more improtantly, the question is, can you afford not too?

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